Happy Freebuary everyone! Meet Chef George Speak best known as, "George Crum." You can thank him for creating the Potato Chip. Below are photos of Chef Crum courtesy of blackinventor.com/wikipedia.

George Crum and sister "Aunt Kate" Wicks -Wikipedia

In 1853 while working as the head chef at Cary Moon’s Lake House in Saratoga Lake, near Saratoga Springs New York. One day some of his guests complained that he made french fries to thick. Irritated, he made another batch but sliced the potatoes extra thin on purpose. He deep fried them and added salt. The result was a thin, crisp and delicious treat his guests raved about. He called them Saratoga Potato Chips.

In 1860 he opened his own restaurant, Crum's, on Storey Hill in nearby Malta, New York. It was successful the entire 30-years it was open, not only was the food a hit, but Chef Crum served his Saratoga Potato Chips in a bowl on every table until he retired and closed down in 1890.

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Sadly, Mr. Crum never patented his potato chips, and never tried to sell them outside of his restaurant. Not long after he retired, his invention would be mass produced by several companies and developed into a $6 billion a year industry. George Crum died at the age of 92 in 1904. He would never be recognized for his creation, but I have a feeling he'd be happy to know that his legacy is alive an well 166 years later.

Thank you George Crum for creating one of the greatest American snacks of all time!

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