RZA directs an upcoming movie starring rapper Azealia Banks titled "Love Beats Rhymes". The movie follows rapper and actress Azealia portraying the role of Coco, who is a 25-year-old aspiring artist who loves music with all of her heart.

The movie also features Jill Scott, Common, and the star of "Ballers", John David Washington. Unfortunately, there were some issues last year between Russel Crowe and Azealia Banks that made the news and caused RZA to sever ties with Azaelia. With this happening, she is not gonna be promoting the movie, but it seems like the movie may add a little light to her career as an actress.

"Love Beats Rhymes Trailer":

The unfortunate part about her career is that she is known for beefing with various female artists, and less about the music that she created. She has worked with everyone from Pharrel Williams to RZA and more. I hope that she will be releasing some new music soon, so that we can see the talented artist that she is.

Azealia Banks- "The Big Big Beat":

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