When It came to bringing excitement to the wrestling world. There are only a few that come to mind. Especially when you think about old school wrestlers. One would be Ric Flair and the other is of course Dusty Rhodes and today one of those voices has been silenced.

Dusty Rhodes talks hardtimes:









When the email came across my phone that he had passed at the age of 69. I automatically went back to memories of watching Dusty Rhodes on the weekend with my grandmother. He always had me locked to the television, plus it gave me quality time with my grandmother as well.

It is truly a sad day losing such a legend in the wrestling world, who also spun off the infamous Gold Dust and Star Dust into the wrestling world as well. I would like to personally send out my prayers to the Rhodes family as we lost a great man to sports and entertainment. There has been no immdiate cause of death, but I am sure there will be updates later and possibly a tribute from the WWE.