If you’ve purchased tickets from Ticketmaster between 1999-2013, you might have received vouchers in your account due to a $400 million class-action lawsuit that the company has finally began to settle with customers.

In 2013 the company was ordered to pay back millions of dollars after originally losing a lawsuit that was filed back in 2003. Over 50 million customers filed the class-action lawsuit citing the companies processing and delivery prices were "excessive and deceptive."

According to HuffingtonPost.com, "Ticketmaster’s initial wave of free vouchers have been paid out — but it’s going to give out a few more.” Another $5 million in vouchers are expected to be rolled out by Thursday, June 24, by it’s parent company Live Nation.

The vouchers are reportedly good for discounts on tickets, as well as redeemable for free tickets to some events. Get more details at Ticketmaster.com.

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