With the recent passing of John Singleton due to potentially high blood pressure which led to stroke that ultimately led to his death. Then you had singer Peabo Bryson who had a mild heart attack the same week and also Larry King.

I have recently seen other celebrities take pictures of their personal pressure readings to make sure that all things are working well within their body. I have seen the readings of Tyler Perry, Tim Story and others I am sure will follow. I recently had a health scare myself back in February and it lead me to invest in a Hypertension machine as well and it was probably one of the cheapest and best investments yet.

I would advise all of our men followers to get yourself checked out and work on getting your body physically in the best shape possible. I won't recommend fad diets or what I feel is best for you. But I do recommend locating a trainer either personal or online. If that is not in your budget start by taking small steps like walking, cutting back on some of the heavier foods and just getting rest. We have to take care of ourselves and be here for our kids and loved ones. One of the biggest things is trying not to stress out about things we can't control. Start by prioritizing and pacing how you handle things going forward.

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