A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Tiny had officially served T.I. those divorce papers, and the prospect of the two reuniting was pretty much put to rest. Now, we've gotten a more up-close glimpse at why.

In a clip from the final episode of their reality TV series, T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, we see Tiny absolutely go off on Tip after the Atlanta rapper implies Tiny was in the wrong for getting her own house. Tiny's response? "You started cheating."

"For those who don't understand, Tip had some infidelities with my assistant, and that's one of the reasons I got my own house," Tiny explains to the audience in the interview part of the show.

From there, we're shot back to the scene of the restaurant, where Tiny and Tip really jump into their argument. Tip responds to Tiny's claim by asserting that he's not happy about Tiny's hanging out with someone he apparently didn't like too much, so he seemingly tries to equate that to his alleged cheating. Most people believe he's talking about Floyd Mayweather.

T.I. continues by saying Tiny slept with the unnamed guy, but Tiny's not having his speculation. "When? We wasn't together! Don't speak on it as though you know what you're talking about, like, 'I know 100 percent she slept with [bleep],'" she said. "How do you know that? 'Cause you seen me dancing? You don't know... If he can come and treat me like a woman..."

As you can see, Tiny and Tip aren't on great terms in the final episode of their reality show. Peep the somewhat explosive interaction below.

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