When you talk about legends in the music game. There are not many who would come above The Jackson clan. Even if you were not born when The Jackson 5 originated, you can at least call out the names of 5 from the Jackson's family. When we lost Michael Jackson in 2009, the music world was in shock over that one. Well the brothers decided to try to keep the name out there and still keep the flame lit.

Not long after that they decided to participate in a reality show showcasing the brothers after Michael's death. The show didn't last long, but we got a chance to see some of the other brothers and what they were currently doing in the business.

One who was always a little under the radar was Tito Jackson. He is the father of a trio of men known as 3T who were signed to their uncles label back in the nineties. But he never really released anything of his own until now.

Tito stopped by to talk with me about his first solo record called "Tito Time". The album features his sons, Big Daddy Kane and also Betty Wright. This was a great moment for me as this is a legend and I had the chance to take him around the city for a little to get him some Gumbo.

Here is a video from back in the day from 3T and also check out some of the latest action from Tito.


3T- "Anything":


Tito Jackson "Get it baby" Line Dance:

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