Cameron Parish Sheriff's deputies found a one-year-old toddler wandering along on Holly Beach on Tuesday morning (Sept. 22). Where were her parents?

Running around nude several miles away. No, seriously.

Cody Bourgeois, 32, and Monique Bourgeois, 35, allegedly left the child alone on the beach while they streaked away. The child was found sunburned and covered in mosquito bites nearly a quarter of a mile away from the Bourgeois' SUV -- which was still running.

Not only were the couple found over three miles away from the toddler, it took police around two hours to find them. Drug use is suspected. God, I hope so -- I would hate to think this was sober behavior.

The child is reportedly just shy of being two years old. Child Protective Services has claimed her, and her parents could face up to six months in jail.

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