Awe Mother's Day.  It's one of those holidays that make you feel all fuzzy inside.  It's a day to celebrate the woman who brought you into the world, cared for you and raised you into who you are today.  It's a day for husbands to celebrate the mother of their children and show their appreciation for the wonderful mom she's been.  Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 8.  Did you get mom her gift yet?

If not, you still have time.  Most moms are easy to please and will take any ol gift, no matter how much it sucks.  However, I think it's high time we all turn over a new leaf and vow to put more thought into our gifts this Mother's Day.  No more elbow macaroni collages (unless your 5 or under.)

That in mind, below are a few helpful tips on WHAT NOT TO GET mom on her special day.  Here's our "Top 10 Worst Mother's Day Gifts"...

1. A Chia Pet/human head - Don't nobody a weird plant for a gift.

2. No baby/baby daddy's (unless your married or something) - Don't bring mom another mouth to feed.

3. Vacuum or cleaning supplies - If you can afford a vacuum, then you could've damn sure got your mama something else!

4. Fast food breakfast in bed - Breakfast in bed is cool, but make it yourself.

5. Framed picture of yourself - Your mama knows what you look like!

6. Homemade card unless your under 10 years of age - I know gift cards are high these days, but hey Mother's Day is only once a year.

7. Kitchen stuff or Tupperware - I'm sure your mom is trying to get out of the kitchen, so don't give her any reminders.

8. Cheesy bling "mom" hat - Would you wear?

9. As Seen on TV gift - These "last minute" items are almost always by the register, so don't let mom know that forgot her day again.

10. Exercise DVD or equipment - What the hell are you tryin to say????

Hopefully this list will help steer you away from buying THE LAST THING ON EARTH, your mom wants on Mother's Day.  Happy shopping!


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