FFLIC also known as Families and Friends of Louisiana's Incarcerated Children is working together at building a movement to stop the School to Prison Pipeline. This is something that all parents and even kids should attend. While we can't control how some kids react to certain things. This zero tolerance policy in schools now are sending some of our kids to jail.


While all parents will say that we have the best kids in the world, there are times that call for a little discipline, but sending them to jail can be a little overwhelming as well as taxing on the parents. Well this Saturday at Wiley B Mcmillan Center 343 Goos St. in Lake Charles is touching on this issue and more.


Damekia Morgan on Zero- Tolerance in Louisiana Schools:

Did you know that in Louisiana, children are being suspended, expelled and pushed out of school which could lead to them possibly having a road to prison. There doesn't seem to be room for talking to the kids are coming up with alternatives to get them on the right track and this town hall discussion could be just what is needed. It all starts at 2 pm and there will be refreshments served. If you would like more information please call St. Patrick Williams at 337-780-7972 or email him at saintpatw@gmail.com.