In a tragic turn of events more than 20 shots rang out at a Houston nightclub and as a result three people lost their lives. 
H-Town's "King of the streets" who's real name is Frazier Thompson III was one of five people shot and one of two who survived. reported that three of the victims died at the scene, one woman and two men.  KTRK-TV was on the scene shortly after the incident and this is what they discovered.
Also according to reports, Trae was rushed to the hospital and was treated for his gunshot wound.  At 5:50 a.m. on Wednesday, someone affiliated with the Trae tweeted an update on his condition from the Twitter handle @LowLifeDynasty, writing, "Everybody TRAE is ok. Minor gunshot wound."  Tweeting a photo of the recent Grand Hustle signee shown wearing his hospital gown and chucking up the "W" sign.  By the way, Trae and T.I. appeared on MTV's "RapFix Live" to announce that he had signed to Tip's Grand Hustle and here's video from that announcement.
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The victims have not been identified and at this point, however a bystander spoke to reporters and said the female victim was her sister.  The woman said, "I came up here and my sister is dead, I got out of my bed because my sister is dead."  Another clubgoer by the name of Rick Cook said that it happened so fast he didn't see who was shooting because everyone started running to take cover.   The man told KTRK-TV, "I didn't see any shooters. It was more than one because there were too many gunshots.
Another withness, John Esquiver told TV reporters, "After I looked up, I looked a couple of feet away from me and there was that girl dying.  She was still alive when I saw her. When the cops got here, she was dead."
According to KTRK-TV, their reporting investigators said though witnesses aren't saying much about the actual shootings, they have been able to figure out that it's either connected to some sort of domestic dispute from Father's Day concerning one of the victims or a prier club shooting that happened back in November.

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