Once it was learned that my favorite late night guy Jon Stewart was going to be leaving The Daily Show. I was personally a little saddened as he was one of the least bias late night talk show host. But you could always rely on him to bring it to their face when someone like a Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh said some pretty embarrassing things.


When the announcement came that it was going to be Comedian Trevor Noah who was going to be taking over the seat. I had to check out some of his clips and see if he could actually deliver. Since day one I think that it is safe to say that we are in good hands. We always want to compare someone new to someone we're used too. But he is doing a great job of handeling it on his own. Here he is ripping into Ben Carson who continues to put his foot in his mouth.

Trevor Noah comes for the neck of Ben Carson after remarks on President Obama:



The verdict is still out on whether or not he will be able to fill the shoes of Jon, but I think that he is off to a good start. We have to remember that before Jon Stewart got in there, he replaced Craig Kilborn who held it down for about 2 years and Jon Stewart came along and killed it. Let's give Trevor the same opportunity that we gave Jon and see where the show goes.

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