Hip-Hop diva Trina will soon join forces with producer Rockwilder and video director X to judge a new reality show for rappers on the come-up.  Coming soon to a T.V. near you is America's Next Top Rapper!  The shows pilot will air from Boston on December 3rd.

Got skills?  If your looking to break into the music industry, here's your chance!  Go to America's Next Top Rapper's home page and register now.  Also tune into Tha Wire to find out what the winner walks away with.



T.I. has been one busy bee ever since he was released from prison recording episodes for his new reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle .  His new reality show will take his fans behind the scenes and give them a closer look into his family life. Here's a little sneak peak:


Weezy had a stellar year in 2011 and 2012 is already looking like it's gonna be even better.  Lil Wayne is going on tour with the one and only Slim Shady!!!!  Oh snap!  It's goin' down!  However, there is one slight problem at least for now.  Find what it is and press play for Tha Wire now.

Back by popular demand BET announced that the fifth season of their hit T.V. show "The Game" will return next week!  If you've been following the show, it's jam packed with tons of drama.  This season it jumps off with even more drama, picking up were season 4 left off we'll find out more about Mel's terminated pregnancy and more.  Press play to find out when it airs and what else you can expect in next weeks explosive premiere now with Tha Wire.

Plus find out what Beyonce's gonna be doing on T.V. tomorrow and what sent Tyrese to jail.  Get it all now with Tha Wire, press play now: 


If your a fan of the original "Basketball Wives", get ready it's that time a year again.  You will be happy to know the Evelyn Lozada will be returning to the show, that is after much debate.......and money.  As previously reported Evelyn had chucked the dueces es at VH1, quitting the show after season 3.  However, everyone has a price and it looks as if the producers of the show found her magic number.

Producers of the show have allegedly made Evelyn an offer she can't refuse by promising her a spin-off show of her own.  Which is going to allow cameras to follow her and fiance Chad Ochocinco around and document everything that goes down in the months leading up to their wedding.  According to TMZ, her new arrangement also has her shooting about half as often, allowing for Ev to work around her daughters school schedule and Chad's games.

Meanwhile, in other B-Ball wives news, producers are turning up the drama by adding two more cast members to the mix.  One of which has already been arrested earlier this year for allegedly trying to stab her husband!  Get ready for Mrs. Kenya Bell, Charlie Bells wive as she joins the show this season.  The other, according to TMZ is Ms. Kesha Ni'cole Nichols, the girl Richard Jefferson bailed on the night of the their wedding.

Tami promises, “It will be epic, trust me.” I certainly have no doubt about that!  By the way, Royce at least for now is going to return to the show.