Things were not so spooky around the Halloween night drawing of the multi-state lottery game Powerball. Well, they weren't spooky if you happened to be playing Powerball in Louisiana because not one but two tickets sold in the state can lay claim to some pretty big payouts for the October 31st drawing.

One of the tickets is worth $150,000. The other ticket is worth $50,000. Although no ticket sold in Louisiana or across the Powerball footprint matched all the numbers necessary to claim the big money jackpot in the game. That total will now grow to an anticipated $137 million when the ping pong balls are mixed up and dropped again on Wednesday night.

According to the Powerball website. Here were the winning numbers for the October 31, 2020 Powerball game:

02 06 40 42 55 PB 24 Powerplay x 3

In both cases, the Louisiana winners matched four of the five white-ball numbers. One of the players opted for the Powerplay option which is why one ticket is worth $50,000 and the other is worth $150,000.

The $150,000 winner was sold in Denham Springs at the On the Run #3 which is located at 31752 Highway 16. The $50,000 winner was sold in Slidell at the Circle K store located at 101 Brown Switch Road.

In each case, holders of the winning tickets will need to contact the Louisiana Lottery offices about claiming their prizes. Please note that lottery officials have changed their methods of payback because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Make sure you sign the back of your ticket for your own protection too.

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