Tomorrow the weather will be nice and normally it's a time where the kids can roam the neighborhoods and really have a blast. There is normally candy at every neighboring home and plenty of costumes for all to enjoy.

However, for me things will be a little different and my family and I will be enjoying some of my favorite Halloween movies that I can watch on repeat.

Halloween- The original that came out in the late seventies is the one that introduced us to Jamie Lee Curtis and really peaked our interest in the tall guy with the old William Shatner mask that was slicing and dicing people left and right. They have done several remakes, but I have to admit that this is one of my favorites as there will never be another Donald Pleasance to portray the role of Dr. Loomis. This is a classic and I feel truly the beginning of the great Horror movies for my generation.

Candyman- Yes they are releasing a new movie possibly next year. But the original release starring Tony Todd is one that had me shook a little. You have to watch and really digest why this movie was great for the culture. It also gave my generation a Black lead as the Boogeyman.

Insidious- When I first saw this movie. I went with my teenage son and wife and we all left the theater like Damn. That was a movie! While the movie wasn't gory. It was truly a very eerie movie with plenty of shock moments that had many people jumping in their seats.

These are a few that I will be watching over the weekend. There are some more to add but this is going to get me started.

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