Since his 2009 conviction Corey “C-Murder” Miller has always maintained innocence. The former No Limit rapper was convicted of the murder 16-year-old Steve Thomas, after a 10-2 vote.  Throughout the years that conviction has been challenged do to various problems with evidence, prior witnesses and juror misconduct.  The Louisiana NAACP had gone as for calling for an investigation into juror deliberations.

Miller and his legal team have tried on two different occasions to get the conviction overturned, but to no avail.  Following an appeal in 2011, the 44-year-old’s conviction was upheld and yet another appeal was denied by the Texas Supreme Court in 2013.

Now according to BET, Miller may have gotten his best opportunity at being vindicated.   Monday (July 20) his attorney Rachel Conner filed documents seeking a new trial hinged on two new witnesses.  Apparently both of them were at the club prior and during the murder.  More importantly, they seen who killed Steve Thomas and are ready to testify that the shooter wasn't Corey Miller. The Times-Picayune reports the rapper's attorney is looking to prove he was unfairly convicted of murder, by introducing this new evidence.

Reportedly these two “credible” eyewitnesses never spoke to police about what they saw and among them is former San Antonio Spurs basketball superstar Tim Bush.  So why did he wait so long to come forward?  Because he "felt bad."  According to the PicayuneBush was in high school at the time and was afraid if he came forward, it would hurt his shot of getting in the NBA. The former baller says he saw another man shoot 16-year old Thomas and shortly there after, during the confusion he slipped out the back door of the club.

Interesting right?  Bush is said to be coming forward because he "felt bad."  Either way it goes, the stage is set for a re-trial and if the powers that be allow that to happen, Rachel Conner is hoping to make her case once and for all, that Corey “C-Murder” Miller was wrongfully convicted.  According to Conner, her client got life based on the prior testimony of two witnesses who she says were “threatened by law enforcement, had serious potential criminal charges resolved and had to be arrested under material witness warrants in order to ensure their appearance.”

We'll see what happens and of course on this I will keep you posted.  In the meantime, LISTEN LIVE to The Peoples Station for more on Tha Wire and today's celeb birthdays.




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