From Baton Rouge, LA TV station WAFB, they reported about 10 minutes ago that the jury in the Lil Boosie trial has reached a verdict! 


The prosecution gave their closing remarks this morning and basically said the evidence speaks for itself.  Referring to the fact that Michael Louding  AKA Marlo Mike admitted to the murder of Terry Boyd on tape during a police interrogation at which time he confessed that Lil Boosie payed him $2,800 in 20's after the murder.  The DA also reference Boosie song and stated that it gave an indication as to where his head was at.

The defense said that Louding would say anything to save his own skin.  Adding that at least one police detective testified to the fact that he's skilled at deceit and that's what this case is about.  They also pointed out that police only preserved what they wanted to preserve for the Louding confession tape.  Insinuating that their was more but it was destroyed.

Boosie's defense lawyer said in his closing arguments, "This case not about Boosie, but who's being tried first?  Not the man who says he killed six people."  The defense pointed out that Boosie had no beef with Terry Boyd.  Accusing the task force of trying to get street cred by taking down a well known rapper like Lil Boosie.

Baton Rouge WAFB reported that Terry Boyd had 15 old scars on his body from bullet wounds and one old bullet was found in him.  That being said the defense stated, "Was someone coming back to finish what they started?"  Irronically, the defense rested their case Thursday and didn't call any witnesses.

Prosecutors were given a chance to speak to the jury one last time and finished around 2 p.m.  According to reports the judge then gave jurors instructions and they were sent to deliberate.

Boosie is facing first-degree murder charges for hiring Michael Louding to kill 35 year old ,who was shot to death through a window while inside his home in 2009.

By the way it only took an hour for the jury to deliberate.


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