The biggest misconception going on now with the Black Lives Matter,All Lives Matter and our daily fight with Law Enforcement is that we can't all get along. I find this to be false because all we have to do is sit down and talk and work on building a peaceful median with one another and seeing how we can resolve matters in our own hands. The recent situation in Dallas has really gotten people upset and with probable cause, but what are we doing about it.

There was a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest and there was another group who was focused on all lives matter. The situation could have really taken a turn for the worst, but things really worked out well. A representative from both of the organizations came together met and talked about the situation and the video below showed a beautiful outcome. Check out what happens when cooler heads prevail and we talk things out with one another.

Although there is still work left to be done. I couldn't help but to look at this video and smile. Some people in this world want us to be separate and not get along with one another because of race. This video showed that alot of misunderstandings come from lack of communication. I hope that there are those looking at this video and see how adults should conduct themselves.

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