When famed producer and director Michael Bay took over the reigns for the reboot of the Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles movie. It spelled success for the fan favorite. From his work with the Transformers movies, he has always brought in talent that some didn't expect. He's worked with Shia Labeouf, Bernie Mac, Meagan Fox and more.


Well in the latest installment dropping next year. A favorite in the stageplays and comedy movies is making his first appearance in a Michael Bay film and his name is Tyler Perry. That's right Tyler is going to be playing a scientist in the movie and from the looks of the clips. It seems like it will be a mad scientist. Check out the action packed and humorous trailer.

I must admit I didn't get to the movies to see the one that came out last year. But I am a fan of Tyler Perry and will be in the building for this one. It seems to be funny and packed with plenty of action for everyone to enjoy. From the looks of it 2016 is going to be a good year and you can believe that I will be in line for the latest. Plus we are also awaiting the new Cinemark Bistro that should be opening next year as well. This is going to bring movie viewing to another level in Lake Charles.

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