Today in Tha Wire Tyler Perry’s dad reportedly had a close call Monday evening.  At about 8 p.m. Emmitt Perry Sr.(stepfather) nearly lost his life, when a house fire destroyed his home outside of Baton Rouge in Greensburg, Louisiana last night.  The senior Perry told local news outlet, WBRZ, before the blaze he heard noise coming from the attic.  He said he went to investigate, but couldn't find anything until he went outside.  Mr. Perry further explained when got outside, he saw smoke pouring from the roof.

FYI Tyler Perry reportedly built the house, which is situated on hwy. 1042 in St. Helena Parish, for his mother Willie Maxine Perry.  After she passed, his stepfather continued living in the humongous home.  So far, there's been no public comment from Tyler on the matter.  Given the state of their relationship, he may not say anything.  However, I'm sure he's glad no one was hurt in the fire.

Meanwhile fire officials have a hunch the inferno was caused by some kind of electrical issue, but of course an investigation was launched to confirm their suspicion.  Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly, but the flames had already consumed the entire house. Neighbors reported flames could be seen several miles away.

Greensburg is a small community, so firefighters were familiar with the size and location of the Perry home.  They knew they had their work was cut out for them, as the nearest fire hydrant was reportedly five miles away.  Several units throughout the Parish were called out to help out.  WBRZ news reports it was an all hands-on-deck effort.   More than 50 senior and volunteer firefighters tried to put out the flames, using thousands of gallons of water, that had to be hauled in on trucks.  Unfortunately it was no use.
The massive home was a total loss and burned to the ground.

Emmitt Perry Sr. lost everything in the fire, but was grateful at the same time that he made it.  We are certainly glad that is the case and wish the Perry family the very best.

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