Did you know Hip Hop legend Bun B is a food connoisseur?  It's true.  As a matter of fact, the legendary UGK rapper and The Combat Jack Show's Premium Pete joined forces to launch a new food-focused website and social media hub.

Bun B and Premium Pete-instagram

If you like to grub, then check out Bun B‘s new food hub, You Gotta Eat This!  The ultimate goal of the site, is to combine some of the greatest foods in the world with reviews and recipes from chefs and other food connoisseurs.  If your a food buff and like to cook, eat or both, this is the perfect website for you!  Plus, You Gotta eat This! also invites readers to share their food photos in a section called What Did You Eat Today.  So, if you ate or cooked the most awesome meal in your life, take a photo and tell us about it

Who knew a Trill OG like Bun B was a food enthusiast?  Actually, he talks about food all the time on his Twitter feed, so check him out and join in on the convo.  In the meantime,  Bun B’s You Gotta Eat This! is the perfect destination for food addicts like me.  Check it out on the regular to get your daily fix.  Beware...you may wanna eat first.

Meanwhile, don't forget Bun’s 42-page Rap Coloring and Activity Book arrives in stores on Sept. 17. The interactive book will feature images of your favorite rappers in clever activities and coloring pages. All you need are crayons and your imagination. But don't get it twisted, this is not a book for kids.  This is strictly for grown folks.  Wanna pre-order the book?  Click here.