The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is renovating their campus and this week had a giant fleur-de-lis sculpture installed in the quad.

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More than 100 students helped design it and nearly 5-years to make it.  Now, the humungous 3-sided fleur-de-lis sculpture is sitting in UL's quad.  KPLC-TV reports the 14-foot-long Louisiana symbol is made out of stainless steel and weighs 3,000 pounds.  Wednesday March 4, the fleur-de-lis stopped traffic as it was hauled by trailer to it's final destination.

According to KPLC-TV the one-of-a-kind sculpture will be the centerpiece of a new water fountain, which is currently under construction.   All of which, are part of student inspired renovations project taking place in the universities quadrangle.  Tom Sammons, the director of the university's School of Architecture and Design, told KPLC the schools new addition will be known as "a symbol" and  "an icon of the university" for many years to come.

Once it's all finished, UL's fountain will sit on LED lights, the quad will include new walkway and both crepe myrtles and magnolias will be planted.

Sammons went on to explain why the sculpture was being placed in the quadrille saying, "The Quad is the University's living room, a public space surrounded by its first buildings. When people come to see the campus and these beautiful red buildings trimmed in white, they will also see a beautiful Quad.

The fleur-de-lis was constructed by Begnaud Manufacturing in Scott, La., before being delivered in Lafayette and installed using a 40-ton crane.

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