AllHipHop reports Nas and Usher have teamed-up for a track aimed at addressing the rampant police brutality in America against people of color. The song is called, “Chains,” and comes with an face recognition interactive video that you can check out on TIDAL. Believe it or not in order to get it to play, you have to keep your eyes on the screen the entire time while images of police and hate crime victims appear.  If you look away, the video stops.

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Which actually is the message Usher and Nas are trying to get across.  DON'T LOOK AWAY.  We as a society have to do something...rather than look away when we witness injustice taking place.  It's our action that could save an innocent life.  This goes for animal cruelty, child abuse or domestic abuse.  We must take action.

Usher added, “I chose to introduce the song through the ‘Don’t Look Away’ experience because it is important not only to feel the issue but to face it. The pain and suffering that these victims and their families have endured is something we must never forget. When we look away from this problem it gets worse. To fix it, we have to face it.

”Peep the powerful video to, "Chains" below or see the interactive version here.

Usher explained the concept of the song saying, “In writing this song, I was motivated by the events involving prejudicial injustice that are still happening today.” He continued, “The reality is that racial bigotry diminishes the lives of too many people in our country. We have to come together as a country to solve these problems and this is one way I can contribute.”

Ursh and Nas dropped "Chains" last October and on January 29, their releasing the part-2 to the groundbreaking song and video experience.  For the first three days the video will be viewable exclusively on TIDAL.  According to AllHiphop, Usher will also host a public viewing of "Chains" at the Art for Amnesty’s Art for Social Justice exhibition on January 30 at the Urban Zen Center in New York City.

Would you like Usher to come speak at your college? Soon college student will be able to enter a contest to win the chance to have him speak about crimes against humanity and more.  More info coming to TIDAL’s Facebook page.

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Finally, Emenim, Diddy, Mark Wahlberg and Wiz Khalifa have joined forces to get 1 million bottles of water to Flint, Michigan.  As reported the city’s water supply was contaminated with lead, which experts say will have lasting negative effect on the children there for years to come.

Southern California-based water brand AQUAhydrate is doing something about it and along with a few of their celeb friends have pledged 1 million bottles of water are going to be sent Flint.  In addition, they the water brand Diddy, Mark, Shady and Wiz all gave a long-term commitment to support the people of Flint, until the issue is solved. Now that's what America is about!

An initial donation of 5,000 cases is already making its way to Flint and is expected to arrive by this week. Along with their pledge AQUAhydrate and their celeb friends are urging others to join them in their cause by donating and raising public awareness of the Flint water crisis.

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