In an unfortunate turn of events, not only has Usher lost his stepson, Kile Glover, but he also lost the little and brief amicability he had with his ex-wife Tameka Foster. Foster, 11-year-old Glover’s mother, has lashed out at the ‘Climax’ singer for allegedly faking his distress over his now-deceased former stepchild.

While it looked like a lessening of the bitterness of their former couple’s child custody case might become a silver lining in the extremely dark cloud of Glover’s accident, whatever good will the pair had is now gone. TMZ reports that Usher asked to delay a court hearing in the custody battle following Glover’s death, citing that holding the hearing so soon after the loss would bring “unnecessary stress and strain” on himself, Tameka and their two children “in the immediate wake of this tragedy.” Usher also pointed out that Foster may have an unfair advantage in the hearing because a court is unlikely to rule against a grieving mother. Sounds pretty understandable, right?

Not so, according to Foster. Foster’s attorney fired back at Usher’s request, claiming that Ush’s “stress and strain” is “bogus.” In fact, Foster claims that while Usher chartered a plan for Foster to visit her son in the Atlanta hospital where he remained on life support, Usher only visited Glover once during his hospital stay, skipped Glover’s funeral and that the singer refused to tweet asking fans to pay for Glover — and that instead he tweeted about his own breakfast. Ouch!

To be fair, everyone processes grief differently, and some people avoid it altogether — whether out of escapism, denial or preserving their own privacy — so while Usher’s actions may seem superficially cruel, there may have been innocuous motives behind them. Still, Foster and her team claim that Usher’s grief is a “transparent sham” and are urging their judge to keep the hearing as scheduled for Aug. 13. Foster claims that concluding the custody battle is the only way for her to move on … which, as heartbreaking as it is, sounds just as manipulative as Usher’s alleged move to delay the hearing.

Our thoughts are with the Glover, Foster and Raymond families. We’re hoping they can all put their animosity behind them and find peace.

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