With the greatest sorrow, it has been reported that Usher's ex-wife's son Kyle Glover passed from his injuries Saturday. 

As a mother myself, I don't know of any other pain that could be greater than losing a child.  My heart goes out to Tamecka and Usher at the time of great grief.  As previously reported, 11-year old Kyle and a 15-year old female friend were both injured in a jet ski accident during a family outing.  In other sad news, Sylvester Stallone buried his first child this weekend.  His 36-year old son was found dead in his apartment about a week ago.  More details are available below, press play to hear Tha Wire.


No sooner than it was announced that Game and his fiance' were going to star in a new reality show centered around their upcoming wedding, Game calls it off.  In a series of Tweets he turned to Twitter to explain saying "The rumors are TRUE.  The wedding is OFF.  It's not her fault, it's mine!  She's a GREAT woman, I just wasn't man enough 2 see it through.  Important message to all men:  If you're lucky to have 1/2 of the woman I had...Appreciate her & do everything necessary to keep her happy!  I am truly sorry & apologetic to my family, friends & EVERYONE that this has affected & inconvenienced.  Not everyone has a happy ending."

No comment.  Moving on, the new album from Rick Ross is getting ready to drop and I got all the details on the release date and his new single.  Speaking of Rozay's new single, it features two of Hip-Hop's greatest.  Get all the details now.  Press play to hear Tha Wire: