Congratulations to Rev Run’s baby girl Vanessa Simmons!  Last year the new mom-to-be  announced that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend Michael Wayans.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

No she's not married, at least not yet.  As you can imagine, that could have posed a big problem with her famous dad Rev. Run.  Rightfully so, Simmons admitted that she was a bit apprehensive to tell her dad. In recent interview with ESSENCE, the 30-year old Simmons described what is was like breaking the news to Rev saying,

“There’s this whole idea of first comes the marriage then the baby carriage so I was so nervous.  But my dad was actually really excited because this is the first grandchild for my family.  I think somewhere deep inside he was kinda like, ‘When am I going to experience that part of life?’ Of course he wants us to get married, but for now he was like, ‘We’re gonna figure this out.  Just be happy and have a healthy pregnancy.  I’m behind you a hundred percent.”
Of course, just the words his daughter needed to hear.  Now able to breathe a little easier, Simmons said her father's acceptance “meant the world” to her.  As far as wedding bells, Vanessa explained to Essence,

“Of course we talk about that [marriage] and it’s looking good.  But I don’t want to be a pregnant bride.  I wanna have a beautiful wedding, hopefully a destination wedding where I can show off my figure in a beautiful long flowing dress. Like most mothers, Simmons is experiencing some morning sickness and rather extreme cravings.

“Anything I see I want.  Every time my mom calls me she asks, ‘Where’s Mike?’ and I’m like, ‘He’s at 7-Eleven.’ The cherry-flavored Slurpee is my weakness.  So is the Jamba Juice Mango-a-go-go smoothie.”

Ironically the young couple was under the impression that they were having a boy, but they were wrong.  Simmons said, “Now I’m stumped thinking of little girl names.  But I’m excited because little girl clothes are amazing and I’m the girliest girl ever!”

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