As far as I'm concerned there's not many people who's sung our National Anthem well.  In fact, if I had to pick, Whitney Houston's version was THE very best version of the Star-Spangled Banner ever.  That being said, a 34-year old assistant principal from Tallahassee, Florida is a very close second.

While visiting the Washington DC National Mall with her family, Star Swain stunned the nation with her impromptu version of the famous song.  First of all, the song is one of the most difficult songs on earth to sing, even for the most gifted singers.  Yet, Swain made it seem easy.  While standing in the Lincoln Memorial, Swains family encouraged her to sing.  After a some persuasion, she shook-off her nervousness and began to sing.

I have only one word.  Phe-nom-enal!  This is one of those things where a person is in the right time, at the right place.  It was magic!  The acoustics were as perfect as her voice.  I hope the Olympics, NBA or NFL gives her a call.  A Star is born!

Just about every news channel has covered her story.  Most recently Good Morning America scooped her up to sing the song live!  She didn't disappoint.

Star Swain is an overnight celebrity and she's taking it all in stride.  She's even sent out a BIG thank you to everyone for the love, support and admiration given to her since her video hit the net. Check it out below.

I have a funny feeling we're going to be seeing and hearing much more from Star!

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