As much of Louisiana was asleep residents of Tonga, some 6,500 miles away in the Pacific, were undergoing anything but peaceful slumber. An underwater volcanic eruption less than 50 miles north of the island has sent huge walls of water crashing onto the shore and causing residents to flee for their lives.

Here's the way the volcanic eruption looked from space.

The volcano's official name is Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai. Tonga, itself is a Polynesian island located in the south Pacific. It's a little over 2,300 miles east of Australia. It lies just west of the International Date Line as well. The island kingdom like many Southe Pacific nations lies along or near one of the Earth's most active geological regions.

As far as the most recent eruption on Saturday, it happened when many of the island nation's residents were having their evening meal. VIdeo gleaned from social media shows just how quickly the water moved onshore.


While other social media posts show residents frantically evacuating to higher ground.

The volcanic eruption prompted tsunami advisories along portions of the United States west coast. Observers at other stations in Australia and Japan have noted higher waves and they will continue to monitor the situation should there be subsequent eruptions or aftershocks.

This is a developing story and as more information becomes available we will include details on how you can affect those affected by this natural disaster. Meanwhile, there are still people hurting in Louisiana following another busy hurricane season. Your support of these individuals and businesses would be greatly appreciated as well.

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