Today in Tha Wire, looks like New Orleans boy August Alsina can't catch a break.  The 23-year old singer was recently blasted by a family member, after he allegedly wouldn't give them money.  He also, gave a very open interview to the Breakfast Club in regards to his ongoing family drama, thoughts of suicide and battling depression.

Now he's back in the news and being blasted all over social media by a woman who claims to be pregnant for him. Right now it's just an accusation, only time will tell if this is true.  According to HipHollywood the woman is a side chick from Virginia and apparently she's got an "ax to grind," because the singer is still with another girl.  So, as any immature person would do, she took to the internet to tell the world her business.  She not only took a pic of herself and uploaded it to Instagram, but called the singer a cry baby (among other things), alleging that he begged her to have an abortion and more.

Ugh..who knows, this chick could be looking for her five minutes of fame or legit, but simply.  But what's up with all this unprotected sex stuff???? Obviously money can't buy condom sense.

Lately there's a lot of young stars putting their lives on the line, having unprotected sex with random people and bragging about it.  It not cool.  It's incredibly stupid!  This is a very big and very REAL problem not just in third world countries, but right here in the U.S. Millions upon millions of dollars have been raised, donated and spent to make people aware of the dangers of contracting incurable diseases and the importance of safe sex.

Bottom line...If you don't wanna die, suffer with a disease you can't rid of for the rest of life or have unwanted children with people you don't know or love....WRAP IT UP!!!!!  Protect yourself, it's just that simple.  HIV/AIDS, Herpes and Hepatitis and other STD's are still very much a factor, just ask famed actor Charlie Sheen who recently revealed he's HIV positive.


As you can see, this is real.  Anyway, HipHollywood reports the young lady aired out all her frustrations and blamed the August Alsina for having to do so.  She wrote, "I'm sick of giving a f*ck about you and your image and laying low." Below is the rest of her angry little IG rant:

“I bet this b*tches don’t know that I’m pregnant by you and your crybaby a** threatened and begged me to get an abortion! I’m sick of you hurting me, I’m sick of giving a f*ck about you and your image and ‘laying low’ … but I’m wide the f*ck awake now! I’ll send screenshots of messages, I’ll post for whoever that don’t believe! I’m done letting you treat me like sh*t! You don’t want me talking to even being near another n*gga but yet you’re with this b*tch again after we talked about the dumb sh*t you do! I wish your ‘fans’ really knew the little b*tch you are! I hate that I had to do this here on IG, but if you would have called or texted back I wouldn’t have … and, noooooow the world knows about our baby you have on the way!”

So far August has remained quite, but if he decides to make a statement I will keep you in the know.  As I said, time will tell if this is true or not.  In the meantime you can always LISTEN LIVE to Tha Wire twice a day, every weekday at 12:50 p.m. and 3:35 p.m. on The Peoples Station 107 Jamz. Don't miss the best in entertainment, celeb birthdays and more!