Vivica A. Fox is a great actor and has been in some of your favorite movies. She is also pretty popular for speaking her mind. A few years ago she was on the arms of Soulja Boy and they dated for a while. Things kind of went south and let's just say they haven't been the best of friends lately.

While they were cordial for a while. It seemed like she still had some resentment for 50 Cent and questioned his sexual preference on more then one occasion. 50 Cent later went on a tirade about "Empire" and the fact that he felt like it ripped off his concept for "Power". He questioned the authenticity of alot of the actors on the show and Vivica Fox came at him again. It seems like things are a little better and they have apparently worked things out and seem to be cool again. She approached him at an event over the New Years holiday and deaded the beef that apparently was there. She is currently promoting a new show that she has on Lifetime called "Vivica's Black Magic" and while doing so she made rounds and stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about the show and a few other things.


I am sure that the ladies will love this show and so far the reviews have been pretty good. Check out the trailer for those who may not have seen it yet.


"Vivica's Black Magic":

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