While watching The Clark Sisters movie last week on Lifetime I was excited to see that they were releasing a movie based on Salt N Pepa. I will have to admit some of their movies haven't come out to be the best. The Aaliyah movie definitely comes to mind.

However they have redeemed themselves with The Clark Sisters and the fact that Salt N Pepa are supposed to be involved. This should make for a good movie. These are truly the ladies of hip hop which showed another side of the game.

The kicked doors down that were simply knocked at before these ladies came onto the scene. Check out the trailer for the movie below.


I hope the movie covers their entire story. There have been plenty of things going on with the group from issues between the ladies. The marriage of Pepa and Treach of Naughty By Nature. I would also love to see if Spinderella we be represented well in the movie. There is not an official date for the movie, but it should be this year.

Check out a couple of throwback videos from the ladies from back in the day.

Salt N Pepa- "Push It":


Salt N Pepa- "Shoop":


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