Yesterday I had a special guest and friend Danielle Chretien stop by from Washington Marion for a great event that she wants to put on for the students of the school. The event is called 100 for 100 where community leaders and supporters come out for one day to pair up with students for the entire day.

The event kicks off at 7:40 am and goes until 1:40 pm on Saturday December 16th. The purpose of the event is to bring awareness to the academic progression in Washington -Marions learning environment and allowing students and leaders to learn, connect and discuss practice strategies and more.

The deadline to register to be apart of it will be on Friday November 3rd. I registered on yesterday and will be there to do my part and they are really looking for more men to become involved. Please contact the organizer Danielle Chretien WM Tap Master Teacer at or call 337-217-4540 for more details. It's all about shedding a positive light on the school and the kids

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