Last week, Waka Flocka released “Was My Dawg,” as direct a Gucci Mane diss as he has ever dropped. Though Waka doesn't mention his former labelmate by name, lines like ”Always yelling Bricksquad, always talking fam first/when your ass got locked up, you turned on the fam first,” could not be intended for anyone else.

Waka clarified the meaning behind some of his words, TMZ obtaining a video in which he explains that those giving Gucci credit for starting Waka's career are mistaken. "I will just say this little bit about Gucci because my fans deserve for me to elaborate on why I went so hard at a person that 'started my career,'" he says. "And to make the record straight, my mother started my career. My mother started Gucci’s career, my mother started Nicki’s career, Juiceman’s career, French Montana’s career, Lex Luger as a producer. She molded us all. So to give one man credit for something that he don’t even know how to do…"

In September, Gucci said that he and Waka hadn't spoken in three years and that at this point, he doesn't expect them to ever reconcile. “It’s just done. I wish him well. I’m so concerned with the stuff I got going, I just did two albums in three months," Gucci said. "I’m just trying to keep focused on what I got going. I can’t be thinking about that. I can’t trip forward looking back.”

Prior to dropping "Was My Dawg," Waka spoke on the fallout, telling BBC Radio, “I ain’t been real responsive. I don’t want nobody to think I’m a hater or nothing. I ain’t out here tryna hate on nobody, but the truth is the truth. Some stuff you gotta get off your chest or it’s gonna make you like an angry person in the streets.”

Peep Flocka's latest comments below.

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