My wife wanted to see this movie that was suppose to be here for a limited time called "War Room". Now being from Mississippi, I have seen my grandmother pray for me and all of my brothers. So the term War Room really stood out to me.


When we went to go and see the movie, I didn't really know what to expect ,but the guys behind the movie are the Kendrick brothers. They have release "Fire Proof" and so many more. I will say that this movie is worth every dollar that you can spend. It touched those who are in church or not. It's all about maintaining a marriage through so many obstacles.


I loved the movie and look forward to seeing it again once it hits cable soon. I think plenty of churches coming together really propelled this movie to number one. Especially since it didn't have the big budgets like "Straight Outta Compton" or even the latest reboot of the "Transporter". If you get to go and check it out, please do so I don't feel like you will be disappointed at all.


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