This kids optimism about accidentally cutting a chunk of hair from the top of his head is amazing. I can't say that I would have remained as calm as he did.

In the beginning of the video, the young boy explains that he's got his haircut already by his dad and that he also cut his dads hair the day before. Now, he's embarking on cutting his own hair, since he says his mom doesn't want to do it. Everything is going well, as he eloquently explains his thought process and the clippers he chose to use, then disaster strikes at the 32-second mark. His facial expression, once he cuts the chunk of hair from the top of his head, is priceless!

Just a few days ago I cut too far into a portion of my left sideburn. On top of my minor fail, all I could think was, how in the heck am I going to explain this to my barber? I'll skip a week before I go again, and hopefully, it grows back in enough for him not to totally notice my goof.

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