Last Saturday, the Ben Terry benefit was held in Lake Charles at the Burton Coliseum.  The event was attended by thousands of folks coming to support Ben while enjoying great live music.

Three-time Grammy Award nominee Sean Ardoin got us started at 10:00 am, followed by the Charlie Wayne Band, an auction, Gyth Rigdon, and to close out the day of entertainment, Geno Delafose and French Rockin' Boogie.

attachment-Mike and Terry Beard

Before Geno took the stage, I ran into Cajun music and Louisiana legend Terry Beard at the event. Terry Beard is the lead singer and songwriter for the legendary Louisiana and Cajun music band MOE-D.

MOE-D released two albums in their heyday which spawned some of the most iconic Louisiana music songs in its history.

He and the band are responsible for songs like The Gumbo Song, A'int Gonna Rain No More, Old Fooll In The Mirror On The Wall, I Dreamed Of Momma, Bottom Of The Glass, and Chicken On The Run. 

So I told Geno Delafose that Terry Beard was out in the crowd and that we wanted to get him on stage to sing his iconic song Chicken on the Run and that is exactly what Geno did. Geno called up Terry Beard and here is what happened.

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