There's a smartphone app called Lyft that you can apparently use in big cities to catch a taxi ride around town.  So what happens when Kevin Hart and Ice Cube take the whitest man ever -- Conan O'Brien -- to test out Lyft in Hollywood?  Well, they grab some 40s and go searching for something to smoke, of course.

Imagine you're a cab driver responding to a Lyft call when these three guys get into you vehicle.  He witnessed a lot of interesting stuff, including:

  • Conan getting educated about 40s.
  • Kevin Hart trying to rap with Cube sitting in the back seat.  (Not good.)
  • And what it would be like if he were kidnapped by three celebrities.  (Hint:  They would cut off his head and his legs.  Man, being a cab driver is tough.)
It's a little long, but worth the watch -- check out the whole bit here: