I know it's January, but the first of two lovebug seasons in Louisiana is just around the corner. Lovebugs invade Louisiana two times a year, in April and May and again in August and September. Experts say their fall flight is worse than the spring. Sometimes called the honeymoon or double headed fly, lovebugs are part of the fly family. Yes, they do have a purpose. They eat nectar and pollinate plants.

Lovebug eggs hatch in tall grass, and the male and females attach to mate for three to five days. The bug lovefest cycle lasts for several weeks twice a year. The males die first and after laying eggs, the females die. Not that those facts make them less irritating, just thought I'd add the info for effect. The fact is, these little boogers do a job on vehicles. As a matter of fact, their guts are acidic, and that's why they damage auto paint. In addition, evening swarms clog vents and radiators, which leads to other issues.

How do you protect your vehicle? The following tips will help provide a good barrier and keep your car, SUV, or truck looking all lovebug season long.

Ways To Remove Love Bugs From Your Vehicle

Use any of the tips above to debug your whip and reveal a shiny paint job and bumper once again.

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