Saturday was a huge day in Lake Charles. Over the past few months, we have been encouraging people to go out and vote on March 20. The day came and unfortunately, we fell short on many of the seats that possibly could have been monumental changes for Lake Charles. Nic Hunter returns to his mayoral seat for a second term. This will allow him to continue building and working on initiatives he has planned for the city.

However, there was a chance for some new blood in certain seats. There were many candidates patrolling the neighborhoods and looking to do good for the area. I was truly impressed with many new faces I saw and could hear in the rhetoric and see in their eyes that they wanted change for our great city.

There will be a run-off with current District A councilman Mary Morris and contender Diana Ross. In District B, Luvertha August retains her seat against Fantacee Brown. Also, Rodney Geyen retains his seat in District C against Priscilla Sam and Darius Clayton. In District D, John Leyoub won against Wil Clophus and Anthony Chapman. Congratulations are in order for Craig Marks, as he won again independent Johnnie Thibodeaux and District G was won by Mark Eckard. While there were some changes, what I saw was very low turnout. If every individual in the city would've voted, there could have been some monumental changes in the races. My question to many of you is what can be done to encourage more people to vote?

I hear it all with my vote doesn't matter. What will my voting do? Nothing is going to change. I hear it all, and I am here to tell you that you matter and your vote does, too. We have to stop looking at voting as an option and incorporate it as a necessary means. I am all for a sit down with individuals who want to see more our youth and community vote. Unfortunately, I do not have the answers, but I am willing to listen. Take the time to vote because your vote could be the one to truly make the difference.

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