Here is a something Lake Charles has never wanted to be part of: the Weather Channel has named Lake Charles as the most weather-battered city in the United States. They posted a video on their website to announce it.

Well, we would have to agree with that distinction even though we never wanted to have this tag. Most of us here at Townsquare Media were born and raised right here in Lake Charles and Southwest Louisiana, and we all believe this is the worst year of weather we have ever had.

First, Hurricanes Laura then Delta devastated our poor area, with most folks still trying to recover nine months later. Add to that the ice storm back in mid-February and the third worst flood in Lake Charles history on Monday and yep, we should top that list.

As we reflect on the past nine months, we have seen homes completely destroyed while some fared a bit better but still had damage and were still working on rebuilding while dealing with the frustration of dealing with their contractors and insurance companies.

Then, had a widespread ice storm that caused pipes to burst in homes and businesses, causing most to seek out plumbers and have to wait weeks for water due to the demand of plumbers and not enough to go around.

We found that after Monday's historic flood, most people who were just about finished or just finished rebuilding from the hurricanes have to start over because of water that got into the their newly renovated homes.


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