Awe...the smells of Louisiana cookin'. Food! That's the first thing that people want when they come to Louisiana. Restaurants aren't the only place you can get great food, either. In the Bayou State, most convenience stores and gas stations have some of the best Boudin links, balls, cracklin, and sausages in various flavors, from mild, spicy, smoked, or regular.

Louisiana's unique cuisine has visitors coming back for more. Boudin has to be the number draw regarding a great Cajun comfort food. It's easy to access, prepare and eat. Plus, it's downright delicious. We had family members that live out of state who, as long as I can remember, bring ice chests to stock up Boudin every time they visit Louisiana.

Philip A. Guillory

Depending on what part of the state you visit, Boudin will be prepared a little differently than the next city or town. That's because every region in Louisiana is different. As for Boudin, it comes in regular, mild, spicy, smoked, blood, seafood, pepper jack, jalapeno, and pepper jack, made into a ball and deep fried. You name it!

Some prefer to eat only the pork rice dressing stuffed inside, which makes it boudin. Others prefer to eat everything, including the sausage casing, which can be made from a collagen or synthetic substance, or the real deal: hog intestines. At the end of the day, the only hard part about getting Boudin, however, is deciding who has the BEST Boudin in the state.

From Lake Charles to Lafayette, New Iberia, Scott, Opelousas, and all points in between. Here are some of the best spots to grab a link or two of Boudin. If we missed anyone, let us know, and we will add them. If they are now longer open, we will delete the entry. But vote for your favorite place to buy Boudin in Louisiana!

Based on your votes, a few locations will be eliminated each week until we end up with the top 5 favorite places to buy Boudin in the Bayou State. Vote below!

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