Wendy Williams’ bikini photos was the subject of jokes and slander when they surfaced online. While many poked fun at her looks and lack of a behind, T.I. took the high road and hoped all of the negative comments Williams was facing would help her "not be so malicious [and] vindictive in the future when she speaking on the lives of other strangers when they're going through their own personal tough times.”

Well, not quite Tip. Wendy clapped back at the Atlanta rhymer and threw his wife, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, under the bus in the process.

“I was just in Barbados with my husband on vacation,” Williams told the New York Daily News. “The paparazzi caught me. T.I. referenced my lack of behind.”

"I wanted to say ‘I could buy one like your wife and so many people have done,’” she continued. "I could buy one any day. It’s flat."

Tiny has been very candid in the past about enhancing her appearance through plastic surgery, including undergoing eye color surgery.

Wendy also added that she is not as vindictive as everyone makes her out to be.

“I’m not as shady as people think that I would be in real life,” she said. “I do this for work. I did the scene of pop culture. When it comes to being a good friend and holding a secret, you’re looking at her, believe it or not.”

Wendy Williams is expected to address her unfortunate bikini photos and T.I.'s remarks on the season premiere of her daytime talk show on Monday (Sept. 18).

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