There is nothing worse then having your entire day planned and totally being derailed due to bad weather and the onslaught of flooding in your area. I have been to a few different places and there is nothing worst then being caught in the middle of a flood. I can remember vividly the first time I had to come to work and the roads were covered like crazy. While I have never experienced anything like this before. All it took was the good old driving techniques learned from school and I handled it. I also passed those same skills to my son as well.



According to get Prepared, there are plenty of steps to take to be prepared when the weather takes a turn for the worst in your area. When it comes to flooding we generally worry about our cars as for the most part we are always in those. But don't forget about the homes. If you have things or value, you should be prepared to move those things to a higher level in the home or move them out all together. Also for people with pets, make those arrangements to have your pets taken to a safe place.


While no one wants to be caught up in situations like this. We all need to be prepared. This includes making sure you have flood insurance for your home and consult with various insurance companies before you make that decision. In Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and especially Texas we seem to have those clouds on top of us at all times and we need to be prepared. As a matter of fact while I'm writing this, there are alot of people who are being affected in Houston at this very. So don't think that it doesn't hit close to home and that it couldn't happen to you because it could. So be prepared and be safe. Again make sure you go to get prepared for more details and information on how to take care of your family and your properties.

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