Nobody puts it down like the folks in Louisiana when it comes to cookin!  Everyday is a reason to cook here at home.  However, the holidays are extra special.   So that means there are some extra special details going into the cookin.  What is your specialty?  What dish do you hook-up that has everybody talkin every year?  I'll go first, here's my favorite. Tell us what your working with?  Post your best dishes.  Let's see who has the best recipes for the holidays.  I'll go first:


One of my best dishes is Cornbread Dressing.  It's also one of my favorite dishes.  Of course it's rather easy to cook.  I use couple of boxes of Jiffy Yellow Cornbread mix (note: for every box of cornbread mix, use one whole container of rice dressing mix) I put a little sugar and melted butter in my cornbread mix, then I pot it in the oven to bake.  While that's going on,  I cook my rice dressing mix (Richards/mild) at medium heat.  I add a little Tony Chachere's, Garlic Powder, Slap Your Mama, white onions/green onions and bell peppers and cook it down till the veggies are soft.  If I need to I will add a little water as I go, I make sure it's a thick soup consistency cause I don't like my dressing to dry or wet.  I like it just right.   Once my sweet moist cornbread is done, I crumble it up and combine the two and bon appetit.  Yummy, yummy!!!!

Ok, that's mine.  What's yours?

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