You see that kid's face up there? Yeah, that's the face of someone who is fully appreciating National Pizza Day.

This is the one day of the year that you have a legit excuse to eat as much pizza as you want! I mean, you really don't ever need an excuse to shovel copious amount of cheesy, saucy goodness into your mouth, but on National Pizza Day no one can judge you for it. So, don't let this gem of a national holiday go to waste!

There are plenty of places in Lake Charles to get your pizza fill, but according to Trip Advisor, these are 5 of the best.


  • william44

    Tony's Pizza

    335 E Prien Lake Rd
  • Boris Ryzhkov

    Grotto Ristorante

    Inside the Golden Nugget
  • pepperoni pie 590 isolated

    Rotolo's Pizzeria

    4201 Nelson Rd
  • ElNariz

    On the Rocks Bar and Pizzeria

    817 E McNeese St
  • Olga Nayashkova

    Gatti's Pizza

    3522 Ryan St