What was supposed to be a fun weekend of music and great events for the annual Astroworld Festival In Houston, turned out more tragic than we thought? There have been 8 people confirmed dead from the event and more than 300 people have been treated or hospitalized. The question that many want to know is who is the blame for the tragic events.

I have seen the cancel Travis Scott hashtag that has been rolling on Twitter as many feel that he should have done more to help those who were hurt or possibly killed during the concert.

There are many factors when it comes to an event like this and unfortunately, this is not the first time that there have been festivals where multiple people have been hurt, or killed during what is supposed to be a fun time for them all.

Many are claiming that Travis Scott should have stopped the show after he noticed that certain people had passed out during the event. There are also speculations that representatives from Live Nation could have made a call that could have changed the situation. Then you have many who were rambunctious people who couldn't control themselves, raced to the stage and through the gates trampling innocent people who ranged from teenagers to adults.

At the end of the day regardless of where the blame goes. There are several families who woke up on a Saturday morning missing a family member or friend who they loved dearly. I don't know what the ultimate solution is for keeping things like this from happening again. The word just came out that Travis Scott is refunding the tickets prices for all who went to the festival. However, there are many who are having to prepare for a funeral now. I have been to several outside concert events and have seen the crowds act truly unruly as if there was no home training in them. Yet, thankfully none of those events ever had anyone die during those times. We need tighter security, genuine concern for people and we simply need for people to have morals and tact when it comes to other people. That is truly the only way that I believe we can avoid a situation like this going forward. Our condolences to all who died, their families, and those who were injured over the weekend. No one should be making arrangements for a funeral for someone who was just going out for a good time and expected to return home later that night.            

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