You know it's a shame in the greatest democracy on earth, voters have to worry about having access to the polls while some legislators are working overtime to take the freedoms you enjoy away. The truth is, some elected officials aren't working for American citizens. They are looking out for their own interests. Yet, I guess that is their right.

Democracy is about the freedoms of all people, whether we agree with one another or not. Biden's American Rescue Plan went to the Senate floor for Congress to vote on, but not a single Republican would support the bill. Congressman Tim Ryan from Ohio (Democrat) gave an emotional speech on how disappointed he was.

However, those with bad intentions can only do damage if we allow it. Each one of us is accountable for what happens to us. Just as democracy allows for people to spread misinformation, it's up to us to research the facts and educate ourselves on how the government works and who is responsible when we suffer.

Good or bad, the elected officials in Washington were elected to their positions. So, it stands to reason when they are up for reelection, we can vote them out of office. That is democracy. You are not helpless. There is power in your vote. Use it.

To learn more about the President Joe Biden/Kamala Harris American Rescue Plan, see the video below or click the link for even more details.

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