A couple days ago, Tyrese told the world that Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith had given him $5 million to stay afloat during his time of need. Now, the Smith's are apparently denying the claim.

According to TMZ's sources, neither Will nor Jada have given Tyrese that large sum of money, though they do fear he's having some sort of breakdown.

In his original post, the actor/singer made known his gratitude for the money he claimed to have received. Tyrese is currently engaged in a custody battle with his ex-wife Norma Gibson, and court dates have apparently left his funds depleted.

"When we show UP for each-other there’s nothing that can’t be done I repeat nothing," Tyrese said in the original post thanking Will and Jada. "My wife kept the news away from me cause I’ve been on with lawyers all day but our family and our sister Jada-Pinkett Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us 5 million dollars to help keep us afloat- You’ve guys asked me to get off and stay off the Internet now that my daughters legal fees will be paid ! will listen..... The Smiths’s and their whole family has always shown up for The Gibson’s Uncle Will you’re an uncle for real..... And I’m saying again if you guys are out there in the Atlanta area please vote for @keishabottoms someone my daughter looks up to a LOT!!!! #ShaylaRocks."

On Tuesday, Tyrese posted a new video claiming he was waiting for the wire from the Smiths that hadn't come in yet.

Take a look at Tyrese's original announcement about Will and Jada's rumored donation for yourself below. Read about how he plans to change hip-hop when you're done with that.

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