You still have time to get in on the winnings. Dr. Pepper just unveiled its new Zero Sugar product. I am one who used to love Dr. Pepper, and I recently stopped simply because it was a little too much sugar for me to digest. Well, obviously someone in the boardroom must've felt the same way and worked to release this latest product.

Now we are giving you a chance to win all-you-can-eat crawfish for two, compliments of the good people at BeauxDines' here in Lake Charles. What do you need to do in order to get qualified for the giveaway? All we need you to do is download the 107 Jamz app, click on the Dr. Pepper button in the menu bar, then enter your information and upload a selfie of you holding the new Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar. They are available at your nearest supermarket, and you don't even have to purchase it. However, I have to admit they are pretty good, and you can't tell the difference from the original.

On Friday, May 14 inside The Afternoon Jump Off, I will make the announcement and give someone and a guest all-you-can-eat crawfish from BeauxDines', so make sure you get your pictures in before Friday afternoon.

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