You remember Beetlejuice. That crazy, anarchic ghost guy played by Michael Keaton who materializes in his black-and-white striped suit whenever you say his name three times.

If only it were that simple.

The cast and crew of 1988’s (!) Beetlejuice have been pronouncing the film’s title in triplicate for years — nay, decades! — in the hopes of possibly reviving the franchise for a sequel. Thus far, no Beetlejuice 2 has appeared. But folks are still talking about it, and in this day of brand awareness and pre-sold entertainment, that counts for a lot. So when Beetlejuice star Winona Ryder appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, and the subject of some Beetlejuice sequeljuice was broached, she stoked the fires just a little bit, saying she thought she could confirm the project’s development, following a recent interview by director Tim Burton.

Ryder did admit she didn’t know much more than what she’d heard Burton say in the aforementioned interview (when he claimed that there was a sequel script floating around, and that he loved the character and would like to team with Keaton again). But hey, it’s better than nothing. Just keep saying Beetlejuice’s name three times, over and over again. Eventually, it just might work.

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